Saturday, March 12, 2011

Funny Dots - ABC 1.2

The new version of "Funny Dots - ABC" is placed on android market. This is major update that brings sounds for all letters and speaking of all words on illustrations ! Appropriated sound played by pressing of "speaker" button. The sound can be muted by long press on "speaker", in this case the button turns to gray color. Thanks for Katty from NY for fun sound scheme!
During last month several additional features where introduced. Now, application allows save the drawing, share it over the Net or by MMS. When "Save" button is pressed, the drawing is stored on SD-card. In common case the creation will be presented immediately on image gallery under a folder named "FunnyDotsPics". Some phones doesn’t upgrade immediately the SD-card contents, but if you restart the phone, the image gallery will reload and you will see new added pictures.
One more tip: use long press on "color" button to change stroke width

Update: Recently released version 1.3 introduces "Puzzle Mode" for all illustrations. Switching to "puzzle mode" splits image to puzzle pieces that can be easy moved by finger. Solve the puzzles! Have fun!

Update 2: Ad-free version is published on android market.

As usual, application can be downloaded from android market, or just use QR-code below:

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hebrew ABC - AlefBet. Free

Hebrew ABC - AlefBet, published today on android market. This is fun and colorful application for Hebrew speakers or Hebrew learners. It allows to keep your children engaged, learn Hebrew alphabet and build motor skills. Join the dots in the color of your choice to draw different letters. This application has collection of pictures with all Hebrew letters to draw and additional illustrations with visualization. Draws as you move the finger.

Update: Additional features of "AlefBet": sound for each letter and every illustration, funny puzzle mode. Also you can purchase ad-free version on Android market.

Download "Hebrew ABC - AlefBet" from android market or just use QR code below: